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Minutes LVCA-Minutes Feb 2019 V1

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  • The meetings of the LVCA take place monthly, alternating between the first Saturday of each month and the first Thursday evening of each month. They typically take place at Lawley Academy, but please check before leaving, as the venue can sometimes change.

    The meetings for 2019 are as follows

    Saturday 5th January 9am to Noon
    Thursday 7th February. 7pm to 9pm
    Saturday 2nd March 9am to Noon
    Thursday 4th April. 7pm to 9pm
    Saturday 4th May. 9am to Noon
    Thursday 6th June. 7pm to 9pm
    Thursday 4th July. 6.30pm to 9pm * time changed due to Lawley fete Saturday 6th July - Noon to 9pm LAWLEY VILLAGE SUMMERFEST LVCA stall
    Thursday 1st August. 7pm to 9pm *note change of venue: Horsehay Golf Club,
    Saturday 7th September 9am to Noon - Note venue change to Ramada Hotel
    Thursday 3rd October. 7pm to 9pm
    Saturday 2nd November. 9am to Noon
    Thursday 5th December. 7pm to 9pm

    All are welcome to attend
  • Many members have asked that we post a map showing who is responsible for what. We have been working hard to try and get definitive maps, but this is a complex issue. BVT are working on an interactive geo map, which we hope will bring more clarity, but it is likely to take some time before this is is ready. In the meantime, we are posting a map of Lawley which has been given to the LVCA by the developers. It is not an official map and not endorsed by any other agency, such as BVT, Parish Council or TWC, and so should be used with caution. However, it will give residents an indication of what the developers are using to determine who is responsible for what, or who is planned to be responsible. The maps will always be slightly out of date. This latest map needs updating with the recent courtyard transfers but the highways and TWC land is correct as far as we know. The next update will be at the end of Sept.
Lawley Village Community Association Monthly Meeting

Meeting Held:
Lawley Village Academy
7th February 2019 – 7:00pm​

Helen Gordon (HG)
Fleur Hemming (FH), Dawn Southey (DS), Paul Wootton (PW), Benedict Croft (BC), Colin Faulkner (CH), Rob Sullivan (RS), Grant Williams (GW),
Apologies: John Haywood, Keir O’Leary, Jim Weir, Peter Richmond, Steve Kelly, Nicola Paget, Ellen Rose, Colin Hill,
Minutes from 05/01/2019
The minutes form the previous meeting were agreed


Grant Williams was welcomed to the meeting,

Action Points from Previous Meeting

Survey – The current standing of the survey was discussed with JW’s input through the Secretary about paying for a survey monkey account, this was discussed but felt that with the survey company Aquity being brought in by BVT that there would be benefit to using their online survey proviso rather than having another cost and another place to provide information to the residents of Lawley. This was agreed unanimously and would be brought back to March’s meeting after (FH) has chased up the miscommunication between Aquity and (JW).
Breaches and Policy – (FH) reported that the information was ready but upon going to the group 1 meeting there was further travel with this as it was thought that it could be provided on the website in a different way, this is going to be discussed at the next Group 1 meeting to finalise.
Newsletter – The last newsletter is going out at the end of February and (FH) asks for any information about the launch to be provided to here before the 23rd February 2019
Cost of Room Hire – The cost of the academy hall hire is disclosed as is currently £12 - £9ph.

Person Responsible
Information for the Newsletter
23rd February 2019

Launch Day

As previously discussed, the official launch is the 2nd March 2019 10:30 after the monthly meeting, (FH) asks that if any particular support from BVT is needed then to let here know, also if were sending out anything please keep her in the loop, Its discussed and decided that an announcement needs to go on the LVCA website and the Lawley Facebook Pages and (BC) agrees to do the Facebook side of things, The meeting as usual is 9am for resident and then 9:30 for officers of BVT, it is decided that the meeting should be quick as from 11am open for any residents to attend, Members of the BVT team will be available and as many Resident Reps / LVCA members are encouraged to be present.

Action Items
Person Responsible
HG, BC, JW get together for a catch up before the launch
Facebook requires an announcement for the launch
16th February 2019
Website requires an announcement for the launch
16th February 2019

Any Other Business

3 Group meetings – It is fed in that the Group 1 meetings are moving forward - Nicola and Dan were there at the last, there was no real report and BC would like to know what has being discussed.
Working Groups – (JW) proposed some concerns around the 3 working groups being on different days and times through (BC), As people were giving up their time was it viable to hold them all on the same day / same time in one place to reduce the disjointed attendance that times and days difference could produce with volunteers. This was greeted by all with a positive agreement to make this happen in the ethos one meeting / gathering to discuss all business from (JW)
LVMC Meeting – With the next meeting of the Lawley village Management committee on the 7th March (FH) stated that the agenda would be produced soon and (BC) asked that any items from the residents / LVCA be known by 23rd February, he also asked for confirmation of attendees to the meeting to make sure the residents were organised.

Action Items
Person Responsible
LVMC Meeting agenda to be produced and distributed
When available


Action Items
Person Responsible
Next meeting 2nd March 2019 Chaired by Jim Weir
Meeting will begin at 9.00am for Residents and 9:30am for BVT Officers
Meetings are open to charge paying residents, but please notify Jim Weir, From 10:30am the meeting will be open for the official launch of the LVCA and open to any Lawley Resident.
Venue: Lawley Village Academy
Jim Weir

Meeting Close
7th February 2019 – 19.55pm​
Benedict Croft
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