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Minutes LVCA-Minutes January 2019 V.1

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  • The meetings of the LVCA take place monthly, alternating between the first Saturday of each month and the first Thursday evening of each month. They typically take place at Lawley Academy, but please check before leaving, as the venue can sometimes change.

    The meetings for 2019 are as follows

    Saturday 5th January 9am to Noon
    Thursday 7th February. 7pm to 9pm
    Saturday 2nd March 9am to Noon
    Thursday 4th April. 7pm to 9pm
    Saturday 4th May. 9am to Noon
    Thursday 6th June. 7pm to 9pm
    Thursday 4th July. 6.30pm to 9pm * time changed due to Lawley fete Saturday 6th July - Noon to 9pm LAWLEY VILLAGE SUMMERFEST LVCA stall
    Thursday 1st August. 7pm to 9pm *note change of venue: Horsehay Golf Club,
    Saturday 7th September 9am to Noon - Note venue change to Ramada Hotel
    Thursday 3rd October. 7pm to 9pm
    Saturday 2nd November. 9am to Noon
    Thursday 5th December. 7pm to 9pm

    All are welcome to attend
  • Many members have asked that we post a map showing who is responsible for what. We have been working hard to try and get definitive maps, but this is a complex issue. BVT are working on an interactive geo map, which we hope will bring more clarity, but it is likely to take some time before this is is ready. In the meantime, we are posting a map of Lawley which has been given to the LVCA by the developers. It is not an official map and not endorsed by any other agency, such as BVT, Parish Council or TWC, and so should be used with caution. However, it will give residents an indication of what the developers are using to determine who is responsible for what, or who is planned to be responsible. The maps will always be slightly out of date. This latest map needs updating with the recent courtyard transfers but the highways and TWC land is correct as far as we know. The next update will be at the end of Sept.
Lawley Village Community Association Monthly Meeting

Meeting Held:
Lawley Village Academy
5th January 2019 – 09:30am​

Benedict Croft (BC),
Ellen Rose (ER), Colin Hill (CH), Steve Kelly (SK), Fleur Hemming (FH), Dawn Southey (DS), Nicola Paget (NP),
Apologies: Robin Russell, Paul Wootton, Colin Faulkner, John Haywood, Keir O’Leary, Rob Sullivan, Jim Weir, Peter Richmond, Helen Gordon,
Minutes from 03/11/2018
The minutes form the previous meeting were agreed

Action Points from Previous Meeting

LVCA Launch - Due to the academy hall not being available for the 23rd of February 2019, it was suggested that as the hall was booked already for the 2nd March that if a short meeting were to be held at 9:30 then at 11am it would be opened to the residents of Lawley for the Launch, FH would get obtain some BVT literature and boards, LVCA Website, Facebook and other advertisement would need to be conducted,
Parish Council Meeting – BC reported that himself and JW attended and the Parish Council were open to a proposal for the Village entry sign’s, BC asked for ER to complete a brief proposal from her collated information that we could take to March’s Parish Meeting.
Meeting with Mayor and Leader of TWC – Update was given that we are still waiting on a new date.

Person Responsible
Proposal for Village signs
Ellen Rose + BC + JW
March 2019

2019 Survey

All present voiced their opinions on the survey and in conclusion the draft submitted by the Chairman JW was greeted with approval, Methods of distribution were discussed with some great points raised by NP and after mutual agreement it was decided that the Survey would be advertised on the Lawley Village and LVCA websites to use the survey monkey system due to an expected cost run of £3000 and collation issues, Concerns over no internet / social media users were raised but it was felt with the advertisement that if a resident were to require a paper copy that they could contact BVT, DS kindly offered to collate any paper versions returned,
The original date to have no change, issue out on the 11th January 2019 with closing date 30th January 2019.

Action Items
Person Responsible
Survey Money to be created
11th January 2019
Copy given to BVT
11th January 2019
Facebook, website to be updated
11th January 2019

Any Other Business

Breaches and Policy – FH confirmed that the new process of reporting is in the final stages of completion and it should be on the BVT website next week all being well.
Lawley Village Academy – ER asked does it cost to hire the Academy hall for meetings as she was under the impression that for community usage for FOC, FW confirmed that there was a charge as well as the cost of the security to open and close the building, she would get the exact costing to us.
BVT Newsletter – FH confirmed that the February 2019 Newsletter would be the last paper version.
Grass Verges & Road Adoption – These items were raised and in the case of the damaged verges either planters or and art object were mentioned as a solution, with the issues of ownership and adoption it was felt that for example reaching out to local collage gauging if a project could be introduced, Mark Kalnins would have to be consulted to see if the developers would be interested and with the publicity and lowering costs this was thought to be a good move,
LVCM Meeting – The date of the next LVMA meeting is the 7th March 2019

Action Items
Person Responsible
Costs by the hour of using the Academy as a meeting room
Fleur Hemming
If anybody has any contacts at local collage or university please bring to the next meeting for discussion.
7th February 2019 Meeting


Action Items
Person Responsible
Next meeting 7th February 2019 Chaired by Jim Weir
Meeting will begin at 9.00am for Residents and 9:30am for BVT Officers
Meetings are open to charge paying residents, but please notify Jim Weir
Venue: Lawley Village Academy
Jim Weir

Meeting Close
5st January 2018 – 10.38am​
Benedict Croft
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