Protests against Developers

  • The LVCA has been in discussions with BVT regarding the future shape of the Stewardship scheme. We are aware of the high levels of discontent amongst some residents with the scheme and that some would like to see the scheme scrapped. Realistically, we don't think there is a legal route to achieve this. However, we have a meeting, with an Independent Facilitator on the 20th October to discuss the future shape of the scheme. We would like to gauge the sentiments of the residents about the possible options. Please click here to give use your vote!

Jim Weir

Jim Weir
Staff member
Oct 1, 2017
3 Church Croft, Lawley Village
In September it will be a year since over 100 residents turned up at the school to protest at the failure of the developers to maintain the estate adequately or hand over property to either TWC to be adopted or BVT for maintenance. The LVCA has decided to support protest action at Sales Offices in an effort to force the developers to act. We want to organise the protests and ensure that they are conducted professionally. We will have leaflets to hand out to prospective buyers, but we will need a good turnout of residents. We hope to start around mid September to late September. We will issue a press release to coincide with the protests with the aim of getting local TV, Radio and news coverage.

If you are willing to help, please can you email me on with your contact details. We will need the following help

1. Someone to draft and print out the leaflets
2. A Rota of people willing to turn up at protests at the Sales offices
3. Volunteers willing to be interviewed and quoted for local press and TV coverage
4. Volunteers willing be stewards at the protests ensure that the protests are orderly

The protests are being conducted on behalf of residents paying the BVT Stewardship Charge. To volunteer you must be a member of the LVCA. If you are registered on this site, you are automatically a member. If you pay the charge and want to help, please register on this site before volunteering.


Jim Weir


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